VIAELISA is a brand by Piero Del Carlo SRL.

The company was born in Lucca in 1970 as a knitwear factory specialized in the production for other companies; the great care and attention for the product lead immediately to important collaborations with national brands but also to the creation of the own woman collections.

Later the passion for details and the skillful craftsmanship give birth to the brand Viaelisa dedicated to the kidswear 0 - 16 years. The aim of the company is spreading its Italian style and value across the world.

The quality is guaranteed by the certification 100% Made in Italy which attests the Italian production and the use of fine yarns and fabrics. Seemingly simple garment for its contours and features, Viaelisa knitwear is actually in perfect harmony with the latest trends.

Soft and high quality yarns such as cashmere, mohair, wool and alpaca are the base for the collections. Soft and warm fabrics for both girls and boys that is sweaters, dresses, hats and scarves. Garments are original while maintaining their classic Italian taste, revealing in their shape, style and yarn all the quality of the brand.