About Us


Viaelisa is Maglificio Piero Del Carlo’s reference brand.

The company was born in 1970 as a laboratory specialized in the production of knitwear for third parties. Through time, our passion and entrepreneurial experience strengthened the Del Carlo family’s reputation as an extremely reliable producer.

Our key principle is to invest in quality work, with the highest care in every phase of the production.

Thanks to the professionality and care for the quality of our products, our knitwear factory quickly became a key player and cooperator in the creation of some of the most famous collections on a national level, subsequently beginning to create its own knitwear lines with the objective to showcase Italian taste throughout the world and underscore an essential quality and attention to details.

Our staff of programmers and designers guarantees a study and realization of innovative stitchings, and our use of last generation machinery allows the treatment of fabrics of every fineness and texture.

The aim of our company is to create products with the highest care in every phase of the production and to know exactly how to interpret fashion in order to become a distinctive brand on the international scene.

The quality of our products if officially guaranteed by their “100% Made in Italy” certification, testifying their all-Italian production through the use of high quality materials consisting in fine fabrics and yarns that are skillfully treated. Indeed, the modern fashion world requires a constant and rapid ability to interpret the changing trends in order to always meet the demands of our clientele.

For its collections, Viaelisa chose to use a percentage of cashmere varying between 10 and 100%.