The benefits and main qualities that make this fiber unique are well-known all over the world. Let's try to sum them up.

What makes Cashmere way better than the main rivals (such as ordinary wool) is mainly the spot-on quality of its natural fiber: it is lighter, finer and softer. Take into account that the average fiber's diameter is just around 14/16 micron while even the most precious merino's wool has a 19/20 micron diameter. Due to the finest quality of the fabric, cashmere keeps a soft and unequalled smooth surface that delivers a complete comfort and velvety sensation to the skin.

Its insulating power may be even 10 times stronger than regular sheep wool. So, it is very effective to keep our body constantly warm but it can, at the very same time, protect the body against intense warmth thanks to its formidable insulating characteristics.

The main downside is the high price. But there's a valid explanation that makes it so worthy. Cashmere wool fiber for clothing is obtained from Cashmere goats (so-called Hyrcus goats) who are used to live in a very secluded region in a very hostile environment: these challenging conditions prevents a more intensive animal farming and the consequent abatement of production-related costs. Besides, the work process is definitely more complicated and time-consuming than the regular wool-treatment. While wool is simply obtained by a regular shearing, in order to obtain cashmere a careful manual combing is needed (to be necessarily done during the moulting season).

Viaelisa boasts an 100% pure quality Cashmere fiber for its clothing. The whole working procedure takes place in our Italian workshops in order to keep a full grasp of the entire manufacturing process, to avoid any kind of setback and to ensure the top-notch quality of the product.


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